Library Opening Next Week!


Opening Day is next week on Monday July 1, 9am. We look forward to welcoming you into the library to find your next great read. Some notes:
  1. Welcome to our shiny new website where you may browse events, books and update your membership! Please find the DONATE button in the upper right corner to pay your dues. You are also welcome to donate in house. Please note: we no longer take Venmo.
  2. If you have overdue books, there is no shame in that! We love our readers! But there is a stack of cards here seeking their pockets. Kindly round up all your HPL books and return to the bin on the porch, or inside during open hours.
  3. Teatimes in July are lined up with speakers to pique every interest. Be on the lookout for more information, and mark Weds. 4pm, Library in your calendar! Starts July 3.
  4. Storytime begins July 11, and the 8th Annual Youth Game Night will be 5:30pm on July 24.
Please reach out to Christina & Emily at with any questions!